Fjällräven voted most sustainable brand 2020 in its industry

Fjällräven voted most sustainable brand 2020 in its industry

Europe’s largest brand study on sustainability, the Sustainable Brand Index 2020, has announced that Fjällräven is an industry leader within sustainability in Sweden. Choosing between over 1 400 brands Swedish consumers voted for Fjällräven as the most sustainable brand from the “Clothing and Fashion Brand” industry.

“Sustainability is a deeply rooted value at Fjällräven and it remains at the core of everything we do. But we’re not as good at promoting it, as we are at trying to make a real difference through our actions. We’re extremely happy to see that consumers recognise Fjällräven as a sustainable brand and that they value our constant efforts to improve our materials, production processes and supply chains from a sustainability and traceability point of view”, says Christiane Dolva, Head of Sustainability at Fjällräven.


Fjällräven’s products are made with a strong focus on longevity, durability and sustainability, three parameters that are the backbone of all processes involved – from the drawing board to material choices, from production to what happens at the end of a product’s life.

“Products should be durable and long-lasting in the physical sense, but also in the emotional sense. After all, what good is a garment made with the world’s most durable fabric, if it feels outdated only a year after you buy it? For this reason, timeless design is a very high priority for us. And we’re delighted when we see our products handed down from one generation to the next because it means we have succeeded in creating a long-term relevance that helps make a more sustainable behaviour possible”

With regard to materials, the use of recycled, organic and renewable are always prioritized.This is made possible by actively applying the Higg Index criteria wherever possible. Fjällräven is also a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and part of the UN Global Climate Action Initiative. Since 2015, all products have utilised fluorocarbon-free impregnation methods and the brand switched to the use of recycled polyester and organic cotton in all new G-1000 products. Animal welfare and social sustainability remain at the forefront of the brand’s work and production processes.

Fjällräven has also been recognised for their industry-leading, transparent and ethical, down production process (detailed in the ‘Fjällräven Down Promise’) and a comprehensive sustainable and traceable wool range. This is all part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to reduce their environmental impact and produce sustainably.