Hervè Barmasse talks about the mountain in Courmayeur

Hervè Barmasse talks about the mountain in Courmayeur

Hervè Barmasse and Scarpa ‘s invitation comes from Mont Blanc. In the heart of the mountain, to tell its beauty.

It is a difficult if not impossible challenge to find a more suitable place than the Mont Blanc Skyway in Courmayeur to receive tales of mountain beauty. Especially if the narrator is the mountaineer Henrè Barnasse, from Valle d’Aosta, who has been going up and down the mountains for as long as he can remember. A life of adventure and inseparable connection with the impossible. Countless peaks embraced by a courageous will always intertwined, behind the scenes, with frailties and fears.

The talk sponsored by Scarpa (already sold-out), will take place on Saturday, Sept. 30 at Skyway Mont Blanc’s Alpine Cinema Hall. Beginning at 11:30 a.m., The Tales of Barmasse will mix spectacular footage and images. This was accompanied by mediation by Luca Castaldini with speeches by SCARPA President Sandro Parisotto and CEO Diego Bolzonello.

A unique occasion that officially inaugurates the collaboration between SCARPA and Skyway Mont Blanc, two entities with common values of the mountains and respect for the alpine environment and its fragile ecosystem.

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