Ortovox Peak: a high altitude backpack

Ortovox Peak: a high altitude backpack

With the new Peak, Ortovox presents a completely redesigned mountaineering backpack with an innovative back system and particularly low weight.

The Peak backpack, composed largely of recycled polyamide and completely free of PFCs, has zero environmental impact and contributes to the German brand’s goal of significantly reducing emissions and offsetting those that cannot be avoided. The flagship of the new Peak is the Swisswool 3D Back System, consisting of an innovative wool fleece structure, ergonomic foam inserts and a recycled, 3D-embossed outer fabric. As confirmed by Hohenstein Institute test results, the innovative back system offers thirty times more breathability and twenty times more moisture absorption than an EVA back system. As a result, moisture is better wicked away from the body, and the result is an extraordinary balance of comfort and lightness.
Moreover, the use of Swiss wool is fully in line with a sustainable approach to support the local economy. Swisswool aims, in fact, to make the most of every color and quality of the versatile natural fiber, and the purchase of Swiss wool contributes to the livelihood of mostly small-scale mountain farms and thus indirectly also to the preservation of the Alpine environment.

Peak 35 and 32S / 45 and 42S / 55 and 52S

No peak is too high, no route is too long: the Peak is a multifunctional high-altitude mountaineering backpack designed specifically for those aiming high and looking for rugged, versatile gear suitable for all circumstances. Carrying comfort is provided by padding the wide shoulder straps and abdominal straps. In addition, the unique Swisswool 3D Back System is reinforced with metal supports to distribute the load evenly and fit snugly against the back. To ensure optimal moisture regulation on contact surfaces, the back, shoulder straps and abdominal straps are lined with a Swisswool fleece that can absorb water vapor and dry quickly. The Peak backpack also features a separate safety compartment, numerous attachment options for rope, ice axe, helmet, skis and poles, and a side compartment for crampons. In terms of sustainability, the two main outer materials are made of 100% and 50% recycled polyamide, making the backpack extremely strong, tough and durable.

Peak Light 32 and 30S / 40 and 38S

The name of the Peak Light line speaks for itself: the high-altitude mountaineering backpack is lightweight, sturdy and has all the essential features. Its design is designed to accompany mountaineers along the most arduous routes in the high mountains. The presence of basic fasteners, minimalist design, and low weight make it perfect for extreme hiking. Those who wish to further decrease the load on the shoulders can remove the abdominal band, flap, back brace, ice axe attachment and D-Skifix. By doing so, with just a few moves, you can reduce the weight by an additional 30 percent. In addition, the innovative Swisswool Hybrid Back System, through three soft Swisswool pads positioned on the particularly stressed contact areas, ensures high comfort and perfect moisture management, allowing you to keep your back dry at all times. In this way, even the most challenging mountain passages can be tackled in comfort, and reaching the summit becomes a pure pleasure.

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