ORTOVOX sponsor of “One step after another”

ORTOVOX sponsor of “One step after another”

ORTOVOX Reaffirms its sponsorship of the “Occitan Experiences” project with the second episode “One Step After Another”

Ortovox, a leading mountain safety company for more than four decades, renews its commitment as the main sponsor of the“Occitan Experiences” project, supporting with its products the making of the second edition of the docufilm“One Step After the Other,” directed by director Daniele Piatti.

A young woman decides to leave Milan behind to treat herself to a solo adventure. A journey that will take her exploring the Maira Valley at a slow pace, from the forests of the valley floor to the highest altitudes, enjoying to the full the pleasures and flavors of Occitan hospitality. “One Step After Another” is the docufilm that recounts this experience along the famous Occitan Paths path. A route full of spectacular landscapes and encounters with people who inhabit an area where human presence is still in respectful balance with nature.

The film, promoted by the Maira Valley Tourist Consortium and sponsored by the Italian Alpine Club, will be presented on May 23, 2024, on Occitan Experiences, offering everyone the opportunity ̀ to discover what has allowed this valley to remain authentic and credible. Ortovox is excited to continue supporting this initiative, which celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the Alps and continues with its commitment to protect and preserve these places for future generations.

To see the trailer click here.

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