Osprey continues to support Klick’s on ways

Osprey continues to support Klick’s on ways

Osprey is proud to renew its support towards Free Wheels odv’s Klick’s on ways project for the second year in a row.

Free Wheels odv is an association that was founded in 2012 from an idea of Pietro Scidurlo, co-founder and president, which deals with accessibility of cultural routes, mapping territories and “building paths for all.” In this second edition, a group of 10 travelers, including 8 with special mobility needs, will cross the Veneto region, starting from Negrar di Valpolicella and ending in Motta di Livenza.

Each year, Free Wheels will choose a different Italian region that wants to be the protagonist of Klick’s on ways, embracing its message of hope and the incentive to adapt to increasingly diverse accessibility needs. Along the way, travelers will stop to visit Spinal Units to tell those who are hospitalized there and are coming to terms with accepting a new way of life that once they leave there are still many opportunities, and walking is one of them.

Osprey is honored to again take part in this admirable and exciting project and will provide participants with the lightweight and versatile Hikelite 26 backpack and the technical and functionalAtmos LT 50 to accompany them on this adventure. In addition, several routes will be traveled aboard a Klaxon Klick, an electric powertrain that attaches to the wheelchair and allows anyone to tackle the vast majority of off-road terrain.

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