Patagonia presents the film “Thrawn”

Patagonia presents the film “Thrawn”

Patagonia lancia "Thrawn"

Patagonia presents the film “Thrawn”

Patagonia’s new film “Thrawn” chronicles the tenacity and passion of the community associated with snow sports in the Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands.

In the Scottish language, the term “thrawn” may translate as “stubborn,” but here the tenacity is virtuous and motivated by a noble cause. The Cairngorm community struggles with determination to make the best use of available resources in each season. Lesley McKenna, local resident and three-time Olympic snowboarding champion, embodies this innate tenacity, having dedicated her life to pushing the limits of her sport and supporting the community that shaped her.

The story of Lesley and her family provides a tangible example of what makes this community so extraordinary. “Thrawn,” explains Lesley McKenna, is the ability to make the most of what is available on the highlands, a deep connection to an energy that inspires the community’s passion to seize the opportunities life offers.

Like many other mountain regions in Europe, the Cairngorms face environmental and economic challenges that affect winter sports and local culture. However, the community is determined to protect its traditions and territories for future generations. “We will have to get to work on our own, because no one else will do it for us,” declares Lauren MacCallum, activist and board member of the Cairngorm National Park Authority.“We can accomplish anything by working together.”

The film captures the unique strength of the community in its resilience and determination to do the best it can, fully reflecting the meaning of “Thrawn.”

Director Hannah Bailey points out that Cairngorms generate individuals who are content with what they have, taking advantage of every opportunity. In an era of environmental and social uncertainty, the collective virtue of adaptability and resilience becomes more important than ever, and this story is a tangible example of that.

You can watch the full movie here.

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