Patagonia Worn Wear Tour is back

Patagonia Worn Wear Tour is back

“This year we all become enviromentalists. It can seem difficult, but it isn’t. A sewing kit and instructions are all we need.” Rose Macario

For the third year in a row Patagonia repair team will be on European mountains for the Worn Wear Snow Tour 2020. Un unforgettable wooden van will travel towards France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy winter destinations to provide skiers and snowboarders with free repairs on cuts, buttons, zips and whatever, also teaching how to repair one’s own equipment. The tour has the aim of encouraging clients in extending clothes lives, as the team will be repairing outfits by any brand.

The van has been built tailored to travel towards difficult to reach destinations. It will host on board all the instruments necessary for repairs, together with hot chocolate and good vibes.

Here you can find the schedule of the tour.

Nicholas Wolken talks about his PowSlayer pants: “I’ve been using these pants from 2016/2017 and since then they still are my favourites. They have been good companions in many of my trips. They saved me in cold, wet and dusty days. They also remind me of bad moments, for instance when I broke Achilles tendon or my kneecap got luxated. I remember asking the doctor not to cut them. As you can see the torch that I keep in my right pocket is digging a hole toward freedom thanks to wear. Nothing that a patch can’t fix. Except for the cuts at the end of the legs, these pants are still in perfect condition. With some patches on the rips they came back as new. I’m sure we still have many seasons and adventures to leave together.”