Polartec. Beyond preservation

Polartec. Beyond preservation

Polartec. Beyond preservation
When it comes to nature, there is no finish line

Change begins with each of us

May 23, 2024
, a Milliken & Company brand and creator of innovative and more sustainable textile solutions, presents the first of several short films that make up the company’s multifaceted Beyond Begins Today campaign. The first of three chapters explores our Planet and the intrinsic value of our natural world, featuring Eva Karlsson (CEO of Houdini), Chris Parkes (nature photographer) and Karen Beattie (Director of Product Management at Polartec).

As a global initiative that aims to raise awareness and unity around important universal issues including sustainability, diversity and positive change, Polartec’s Beyond Begins Today will leverage traditional and multimedia content published on various touchpoints and channels throughout the year.

Chapter 1

the Planet, will be the first of three chapters, while the second and third are devoted to Product and People, respectively. Taken individually or as a whole, these contents are rooted in the underlying premise the future is what we make it “; extending to the fundamental belief that if we change behaviors, we can change the narrative. For our Planet. For our People. For our Products.

Our Planet is our home.
Nature is our playground.
Changing our behavior can change the future.
It is our responsibility to protect everything we hold dear.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Its longevity is our responsibility.
His protection, our reality.

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