SCOTT Orobie Experience

SCOTT Orobie Experience

We live on indelible experiences and memories that are added day after day accompanying us on this long journey called life. Let’s face it, when a memory remains in the heart it is difficult to erase it and above all we always hope to be able to savor it again.

Scott Orobie Experience 2019 powered by Mario Poletti has been a great experience: a two-day trip, 5 thousand meters of altitude crossing more than 84 kilometers, with only trail shoes and a backpack on.

The event, from Saturday June 29th to Sunday 30th, has been organized by Mario Poletti’s Fly-Up with the support of Scott Italia. A group trip: not a race, but not even a walk. Not for everyone then. Only for people with specific training and in love with the mountains. A dozen people on the first day, which were joined by another ten on the second day, up to 20, the maximum number of people allowed. The itinerary was chosen to retrace the adventure of Mario Poletti, who in 2005 stopped the chronometer on 8h52’31” when completing the Orobie Trail.

Mario Poletti himself guided, motivated and coached, assisted by the mid-mountain guide Paolo Cattaneo (who also gave to the initiative a cultural imprint). Following them, a group of athletes from Bergamo, Milan, Lecco and Varese. A few kilometers were enough to create a strong cohesion between the team members, encouraged by a leader born like Mario Poletti. Not everyone was prepared for the diversities of the Orobie, but all of them waited and helped those who tended to slow down in the more technical sections.

The adventure on this record trail started at Valcanale di Ardesio at 6 am on Saturday. Touching the Alpe Corte, Laghi Gemelli, Calvi shelter, the Frattini bivouac and the Brunone refuge, they arrived at the Coca refuge past 8 pm. The following morning they departed from the Coca hut around 7 am – passing by the Curò refuge, the Manina pass, Pizzo di Petto, Ferrante – and arriving at the Chalet dell’Aquila above Colere. From the Scalvino side they returned to the Seriano one, diving into the Valzurio, a place where the journey ended around 7 pm.

The day after, Mario Poletti reminded the 2 days just ended. “Of course, I imagined it would have been nice, but not up to this point. It was an incredible journey, those who did not know the Bergamo Orobie well were impressed. Slope after slope, the scenarios radically change leaving us mountains lovers breathless. I never thought that such true and intense friendships could be created so fast, there was a mutual care of each other that has turned into a spontaneous mutual aid, produced by fatigue and by the purity and serenity of the environment we moved in”.

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