Scarpa and Gore-Tex in the Amazon

Scarpa and Gore-Tex in the Amazon

Scarpa and Gore-Tex share their values in discovering the Earth’s green lung.

The one promoted by Scarpa ( outdoor footwear) and Gore-Tex (technologies for outdoor and lifestyle products) is a unique experience to discover a natural heritage of inestimable value to the planet: the Amazon.

The shared experience of the two brands is geared toward spreading their values and mission. “No place is far away” for Scarpa. Exploration and adventure go hand in hand with community and inclusion. “Together, improving life,” Gore-Tex’s message.

It was a shared commitment to sustainability that propelled the two brands into the Amazon River Basin. The Amazon is a key forest in the regulation of the Earth’s climate and biological cycles.

A trip from the crowded crew with a long itinerary, from the world’s largest waterfalls, those of São Paulo-Iguassu, between Argentina and Brazil, to the Acajatuba inlet and then beyond to the floating grass lakes, abodes of Jacare caimans and rare pink dolphins. This is followed by the village of the native Caboclos, descendants of a European, native Amazonian and African ethnographic mix, custodians of the ecological traditions of the Amazon area. And again the village of Kobewa, also indigenous, to the intersection of Rio Solimoes and Rio Negro, which become the real Amazon.

The terrestrial lung

The Amazon basin is home to the Earth’s lung, and to understand this, one only has to look at the numbers. Where half the planet’s rainforests have already disappeared, the Amazon retains 13 percent of the world’s trees. 400 billion drums populate Amazonian lands, storing huge amounts of carbon and recycling water back into the atmosphere. Cloud formation, Earth system cooling, primary productivity support, forest contributions are invaluable.

Around the Amazon River, which at 6,992 kilometers is the longest and most voluminous river in the world, are concentrated 10 percent of the planet’s vertebrates and plant species. Also, it has beenmore than 12,000 years that peoples of all kinds, indigenous, traditional, caboclos and quilimbolas are gathered in the forest in a diverse cultural mix. Human variety has grown in parallel with natural variety: the Amazon biodiversity is unparalleled, so much so that it still remains largely unknown.

Amazon tester of Scarpa and Gore-Tex products

Precious terrain, that on which the company created by Scarpa and Gore-Tex has ventured. Inside: travel blogger Manuela Vitulli, green & sustainability explorer Anselmo Prestini, basketball player Valentina Vignali and Stefano Paleari and Riccardo Casiraghi, founder of the online magazine Gnambox.

An opportunity, that of the initiative, to test two of the brand’s most representative Scarpa models.

Rebel Run Gtx

Trail running shoe perfect for short/medium distances. Waterproof, breathable and lightweight, thanks to Gore-Tex Invisible Fit technology combined with a lightweight, abrasion-resistant synthetic mesh. Exceptional grip, traction and stability even on the most technical terrain thanks to the Presa outsole.

Mescalito Trk Planet Gtx

Designed for long hikes, it combines better technologies and sustainable materials with comfort, support and stability. This shoe is the new green benchmark in the trekking world thanks to its innovative Perspair fabric. Performing, lightweight and breathable, the fabric is made in a single upper with 45% recycled yarn. It combines functionally different zones with abrasion-resistant Pu Tek inserts. Here we find a Gore-Tex membrane with 98 percent recycled fabrics and a Vibram Ecostep Evo compound sole with 30 percent recycled rubber.

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