Test: Santa Cruz JP Walker Pro

Test: Santa Cruz JP Walker Pro

An all mountain and freestyle board, perfect for advanced riders who want to face great turns downhill and to surf lines in powder, also ideal for creative park rides.

Santa Cruz JP Walker Pro

Price: € 549,00

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Iconic and unmistakable Santa Cruz-style graphics (Yeti Hand touch on Screaming Hand graphics), JP Walker Pro has a classic twin shape with a traditional camber, but is still easy to ride and more forgiving than previous camber models. The board has a good edge grip on hardpack, lots of float in powder and enough flex for presses and jibbing. If you’re looking for a model that works great on any terrain, JP Walker Pro is the one for you. The true twin shape is perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride, making it equally versatile in both regular and switch mode. The traditional camber shape offers high stability, good edge control and lots of pop. The medium flex makes the board versatile, not too hard for jibbing and not too soft for powder rides. The HCM+ core has been developed to achieve maximum torsional force without affecting the flex in the longitudinal direction, in order to optimize edge grip and control. Triax 45+ laminate offers precise flexibility and stability, and ensures high speeds and faster edge changes.

We Like: This radical board is perfect for advanced riders looking for a versatile model to push at high speed on the slopes and in backcountry. No matter the terrain or the snow conditions, this board will become your daily bread.

Use: Freestyle/Park – All Mountain

Size: 143 – 147/234W – 151/242W – 154/248W – 157/251W –  162/258W – 262W cm
Camber: Camber
Shape: True Twin
Flex: 5,5/10
Nose Width: 29,7 cm
Effective Edge: 110 cm
Length: 154 cm
Setback: 0 mm
Waist: 25,1 cm
Sidecut: 7,5 m
Tail Width: 29,7 cm
Price: € 549,00


Freestyle 0
Freeride 0
All Mountain 0
Jibbing 0

Riding Level

Beginner 0
Intermediate 0
Advanced 0
Pro 0


Handling 0
Carvability 0
Torsional Flex 0
Design 0
Topsheet and base

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