Test: SCARPA Ribelle Run GTX

Test: SCARPA Ribelle Run GTX

SCARPA’s model dedicated to the mountains

SCARPA Ribelle Run GTX

Price: € 179,00

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The Asolo shoe factory has always applied its high mountain experience in the running world, developing shoes that are also very different from each others, but always oriented towards technical and alpine terrains. With Ribelle Run GTX, SCARPA proposes its most versatile model with a Gore-Tex membrane. Its upper is quite stiff, even compared to the version without membrane, but when running it felt much softer than it seems holding it in the hand. SCARPA supplies the Ribelle Run with a quick lacing system, including a pair of traditional laces in the box. We tried it with the Fast Lacing System, which wraps the foot very well: the Kevlar lace is abundant, and the only way to shorten is to cut and knot it by hand. The midsole uses a medium density EVA compound, with a softer EVA insert on the heel, which makes it much softer, encouraging the roll and making the shoe overall more flexible and runable. The Presa sole works very well both in terms of compound and in terms of design, a feature that recalls Spin and other SCARPA models. The membrane makes the shoe much warmer, but suitable for humid situations, with rain or snow, even when paired with crampons. Our testers recommend it for very technical routes, with broken paths and crossings on snowfields, it also works well on semi-mountaineering routes, via ferratas, and simple normal routes on the Dolomites.

We Like: Versatility, roll, grip

Uso: Trail running
Distance: Short
Volume: Medium

Midsole: Medium density WVA
Drop: 4mm (20,5mm forefoot / 24,5mm heel)
Sole: Presa TRN-01
Upper: Sock-Fit Lw
Gr 310
Price: € 179,00


Cushioning 0
Protection 0
Support 0
Traction 0


Mud 0
Rock 0
Wet 0
Grass 0

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