The North Face Winter Train & Run Collection

The North Face

The North Face Winter Train & Run Collection

The North Face

The North Face presents the Winter Train & Run collection

The North Face’s new Winter Train & Run Collection is designed to maximize performance and push individual limits during the winter season. This capsule is designed for athletes who want to achieve their goals without having to worry about adverse weather conditions.

The Winter Run Collection

The new Winter Run line incorporates weather protection technology designed to be put to the test even in winter weather, providing comprehensive defense from cold winds, maximum breathability for the most demanding training days, and a fleece component that retains heat, ensuring maximum comfort in cold conditions.

Among the products that make up the Winter Run collection:

Women’s Combal Vest

Windproof, lightweight, ventilated, it is made of 100 percent polyester with durable water-repellent PFC-free (Non-PFC DWR) double-weave WindWall finish.

Men’s Run Wind Jacket

An extra layer of protection against biting winds. Lightweight and flexible ensures the best performance on trails, while WindWall™ windproof technology maintains a good level of breathability.

M & W Vective Enduris 3

The new version of the trail running shoes includes the most responsive technology to achieve new personal records. Extremely lightweight and cushioned, the revised Vective Enduris IIIs include Vective 2.0 technology while wings on the tongue reduce slippage, improve fit and increase comfort. The lightweight and responsive midsole helps increase speed with every step.

The Winter Train collection

Whether facing new challenges or embarking on a new fitness journey, the Winter Train Collection combines comfort and style to keep working out throughout the winter season, anywhere and with anyone.

Working out doesn’t have to be a routine; every session can be an adventure.With its balance of warmth and body temperature regulation, the Winter Train line allows you to keep warm in your training sessions while staying dry and comfortable thanks to its rapid sweat wicking technology.

Among the products that make up the Winter Train collection:

Lab hybrid thermoball jacket

Padded with lightweight, soft ThermoBall: this jacket offers maximum warmth without compromising on lightness.

Women’s Mountain Athletics Tights

Soft and stretchy pants exemplify comfort. The close-fitting design provides long-lasting comfort and support.

Men’s Mountain Athletics Wind Track Top

Windproof layer for added protection against biting wind while maintaining good breathability.

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