The Pill Test: Black Diamond Technician Jogger Pants

The Pill Test: Black Diamond Technician Jogger Pants

Tested by:
Lisa Misconel

Not your classic climbing pant!

Crashpads on your shoulders and a day of fall colors for some bouldering while testing Black Diamond‘s new Techinician Jogger Pants. From a company that meticulously studies the design and functionality of its products could only come a technical high-performance pant.
It is designed for crag climbing and features light weight, extreme elasticity and excellent abrasion resistance. The knees are contoured for maximum freedom of movement while the waist and bottom leg feature an elasticated band. The fit is loose but follows feminine lines while enhancing them; we felt like boulder queens.
As well as climbers, they are no-frills: pure, simple and high-performance. The two back pockets are harness-compatible, and there is one on the right thigh to hold reports and small essentials.

They are composed of 96% stretch nylon, which allowed us maximum freedom of movement from approach to climbing movements. Not only that, even just looking at them and touching them, you can sense their water repellency guaranteed by a PFC-free DWR treatment.
Thus, the fabric is, in our opinion, the most distinguishing feature of this pant, which, thanks to its specific design, stands above many classic cotton climbing styles. Elastic and water-repellent, it allows easy cleaning of magnesium, which as we all know can brand every climber from head to toe.
The colors have natural tones that easily match and blend with their surroundings except for the reflective logos that give us visibility in the dark.

In short girls, if you are looking for a stretch climbing pant that is technical and performs well in climbing but also accompanies you on walks and approaches in mild climates, we can only recommend it.

And if you want to think about it right now, you can find them here

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