The Planet Needs Our Vote

The Planet Needs Our Vote

Oatly and Patagonia proclaim, “The Planet Needs Our Vote,” urging businesses to mobilize communities ahead of European elections.

The 2024 EU elections represent a pivotal moment. Theyear 2023 was probably thehottest year on record globally. Moreover, asEurope warms faster, about twice the global rate, it is imperative that elected representatives prioritize climate change.

Patagonia and Oatly, two companies known for their commitment to sustainability, have decided to collaborate to address low voter turnout in European elections through the “The Planet Needs Our Vote” campaign. The phenomenon is particularly worrisome given that the last recorded participation in 2019 was only 51 percent, the highest since 1994. This participation rate is alarming considering how significantly EU policies affect the daily lives of citizens, the functioning of businesses, and Europe’s international relations.

What have Patagonia and Oatly done to try to raise awareness of the importance of voting?

In response, Oatly and Patagonia have embarked on a joint campaign to raise awareness of the importance of voting, with a focus on the implications for the environment and climate. Recognizing that collective action can spur meaningful change, the two companies are using their platforms and networks to encourage not only their employees but also the broader public to actively participate in the elections.

To facilitate this process, both companies offer their employees in Europe paid leave to vote, covering about 1,000 workers in 11 countries and in a variety of work settings, including factories, offices and retail stores. This is part of a larger effort that also includes distribution of informational and motivational resources, organization of events in Patagonia stores and Oatly’s partnerships with coffee shops, as well as social media campaigns and large-scale outdoor advertising.

In addition, Oatly is carrying out a active policy proposal, distributing to candidates for the European Parliament a poster which suggests a series of policies to establish a plant-centered, resilient and sustainable food system that contributes to global health and climate goals. This is an example of how companies can go beyond mere corporate engagement and act directly on the political agenda to promote a more sustainable future.

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