The sole + midsole concept developed by vibram at Solesystem expands its horizons and is now available in europe to offer an increasingly “local2local” experience

Quality, innovation, consumer care and a sense of responsibility for the land are the core values behind the philosophy of Vibram, a leading Italian brand of high-performance rubber soles. Precisely in response to the ever-changing demands of the end user, who is increasingly attentive and looking for high-performance and comfortable products, Vibram introduced the Vibram SoleSystem concept, which is declined in different combinations that combine tread and midsole in a single product.

Vibram SoleSystem-developed following numerous field tests carried out by the company’s R&D department-represents the company’s desire to promote an “All-in-One” sole + midsole concept aimed at optimizing and amplifying product performance and potential. Previously made mainly in the Far East, Vibram SoleSystem is now also available in Europe following a series of strategic process investments by several local Vibram manufacturing facilities such as the acquisition of Suolificio Negro, a historical entity in the Treviso area.

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We intend to move even closer to consumers seeking locally produced goods, a trend that continues to grow in Europe and in many areas around the world. We also try to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our products and processes every year, and finally, we must not forget some international geopolitical issues that generate a lot of production uncertainty for the future: our response in the face of these changes or critical issues is an increasingly Local2Local approach in terms of research and development, production, sales and marketing within our global organization.”.

Paolo Manuzzi, Global General Manager of Vibram

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