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What’s in Adam Ondra’s backpack

Adam Ondra certainly needs no introduction. For more than a decade, the Brno prodigy has been confirming himself as one of the world’s strongest climbers. His is the first 9c in history (Silence at Flatanger in 2017), his is the first ever 9a+ in flash style (Super Crackinette at Saint Léger du Ventoux in 2018). He climbed several boulders up to 8c+ and accomplished, in just 7 days, the first repeat of Dawn Wall, the most difficult multipitch route in the world. In recent months he freed Zverinec, 9b+, in his native Czech Republic, and onsighted Water World, the king line of the huge Ospo cavern, freed by Klemen Bečan in 2014.

In a curious interview,
reveals the “packing list” of equipment used by Adam Ondra in his days at the crag.

1. Backpack: Mammut’s Neon Gear 45 is very comfortable and has enough pockets to store everything you need; it comes with an integrated rope bag.

2. Brush: Mammoth’s Crimper Brush. I often climb virgin rock and consequently have to do a lot of cleaning.

3. Chalk: I use Chalk Powder from Mammoth, 100% chunky magnesite.

4. Crash pad: the 10cm thick Mammoth Slam Pad that I carry with me when the approach is short.

5. Workhorse 12-centimeter quickdraws: a dozen Mammoth Workhorse Keylocks. Durable, ergonomic and very comfortable to use, they are my choice for both difficult and rotpunkt climbs.

6. Workhorse 17-centimeter quickdraws: longer webbing is sometimes needed to reduce rope friction.

7. 12-centimeter Sender Keylock quickdraws: I use them for exposed climbs where clipping is very easy. Also, great for trad climbing where weight is critical.

8. Smart 2.0 belayer from Mammut

9. GriGri belayer with HMS carabiner: to belay the companion who has to work on movements for a long time. Safety Gate prevents the carabiner from twisting.

10. Mammut Sender harness: perfect balance between light weight and comfort.

11. Mammoth Chalk Bag: it is big enough and has a convenient shape so that I can quickly dip my big hand into it.

12. Tape: I prefer to always have some with me just in case.

13. Sandpaper: useful if you are going to tear a callus on a fingertip and don’t want to use tape.

14. Talisman: The little dog is a lucky charm from my childhood that I always carry with me.

15. La Sportiva Solution Comp climbing shoe: this is a slightly stiffer climbing shoe designed for maximum performance.

16. La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe: soft and precise specifically for bouldering.

17. La Sportiva Mantra climbing shoe: a great shoe for warming up or when I want to enjoy climbing to the fullest.

18. Two knee pads

19. Climbing Rope: Mammut Crag Sender Dry 9 millimeter is a single 80-meter rope that I carry for normal climbing.

20. Climbing Rope: Mammut Alpine Sender Dry 8.7-millimeter rope is my choice when I want to climb a light, fast route.

21. Hangboard: Puc Training’s Tomorrow is a portable hangboard that I use to warm up in preparation for a route.

22. Wrench: I often find split bolts loose, one of the most common reasons they break. It is always good to have a wrench with you to tighten them.

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