Hike&Fly Sprint 2023

Hike&Fly Sprint 2023

The rapid surge that Hike&Fly is experiencing is not surprising. The sport (literally walk and fly) combines fast hiking and free flight in a totally environmentally friendly and sustainable discipline. It is also not surprising that Aku, a brand often committed to supporting the discipline, has decided to launch a new challenge and promote the AKU Hike&Fly Sprint 2023.

5 stages of Hike&Fly for professionals, amateurs and novices

Just last July 2023, Aku served as the main sponsor for another Hike&Fly race, the PreAlpiTour HikeFly Race 2023. Between Veneto and Trentino, the race was attended by athletes from 8 nations.

Aku does not stop. Enthusiasm toward the discipline continues; indeed, it grows. The result is a new initiative to spread the discipline and draw young sportsmen’s attention to the Aku brand. The event is called Aku Hike&Fly Sprint.

The dates are already official: the Aku Hike&Fly Sprint 2023 will take place from September 23 to November 11, 2023.The competition will have 5 stages in the mountains of Val Belluna, Alpago and Venetian Prealps. The difficulty of the individual stages is varied, and the competition is appealing even to newcomers to the discipline or those who wish to gain experience for more challenging races.

“Walking and flying” not surprisingly. As always, Hike&Fly involves a walking part and a flying part. Pilots will have to walk up to the flight point. In standing freedoms, they will have to bridge a height difference of about 1,000 meters. After that it will be the turn of the flight. From takeoff point to landing point, trying to get as close as possible to a target.

Each stage will feature athletes from the Aku Hike&Fly team, who collaborate with the brand in testing and fine-tuning specific fast-hiking footwear, such as the FlyRock model Aku’s new fast-hiking footwear with Dynamic Fit technology, designed for the most challenging off-road adventures.

The scheduled dates are as follows:

September 23, 2023 / H&F Lentiai (Val Belluna).

October 7, 2023 / H&F Refuge Casera Ere (Belluna Valley).

October 21, 2023 / H&F Pafagai (Belluna Valley).

October 28, 2023 / Lake H&F (Trevisan Pre-Alps).

November 11, 2023 / H&F Alpago (Alpago Basin).

AKU Hike&Fly Sprint 2023 is organized by the Feltre Para&Delta Club A.S.D. in whose website you can get all the information to participate, www.paradeltafeltre.it/aku-hikefly-sprint-2023

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