Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Series back in LAAX

Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Series back in LAAX

The Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Series, the popular event that features a series of open-jam style competitions dedicated to the entire rider community and new industry talent at top locations, is finally back after a few years of enforced hiatus.

The European leg of the championship will take place April 1 and 2 in LAAX, Switzerland, on a completely new circuit exclusively designed by the collaboration of Vans Snowboarding team athletes and the designers and builders of some of the world’s best snowparks.

Hi-Standard Snowboard Series believes in friendly competition, fair play and creating a community that is free and open to all without prejudice. Participants will be divided by level and will be judged solely on their individual style. Rotations above 720° are prohibited this year.

The victory will allow the top four riders access to the competition in the professional category on April 2, as well as a prize worth 4,000 Swiss francs.

The best snowboarders will then have a chance to go up against 28 other professionals to earn the total prize money, 6,000 Swiss francs and another 10,000 for the male and female category winners.

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