Deuter: Exosphere Sleeping Bag is Now Lighter and More Sustainable

Deuter: Exosphere Sleeping Bag is Now Lighter and More Sustainable

Experts in the Sleeping Bag Industry

Deuter is not only the market leader in backpacks, but has also been an expert in sleeping bags for more than 25 years. In addition to down sleeping bags, the mountain sports brand also offers synthetic fiber sleeping bags for outdoor use. The Exosphere synthetic fiber sleeping bag is a popular classic and has therefore been revisited again. Not only does it offer full freedom of movement, but now it also scores points in terms of sustainability and is also lighter than before.

Comfort and Freedom of Movement

The Exosphere sleeping bag is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with ThermoStretch seams that allow up to 25 percent stretch in width, reducing the air to heat and making it easier to maintain body heat. ErgoFoot construction provides space for feet, ideal for those who cannot keep them still while sleeping.

Optimal Thermal Performance

Deuter Thermo Pro Loft padding ensures thermal comfort in every sleeping position, with a shingle structure that prevents the formation of cold bridges. Fleece inserts in women’s models prevent cooling of sensitive parts of the body. Foot warmers and thermal collar improve thermal performance, while dry zones on the head and feet protect against moisture.

Sustainability and Functionality

The inner and outer material is made of 100% recycled and PFAS-free polyester. Certified bluesign and ClimatePartner, the Exosphere is a sustainable product. The breathable and water-repellent outer material makes it durable and suitable for various types of outdoor travel. Available in EL and SL versions, in +4°, 0°, -6° and -11°, the sleeping bag weighs between 790 g and 2000 g.

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