Equip’s 2024 Sustainability Report Published.

Equip’s 2024 Sustainability Report Published.

“We are making progress to minimize our environmental and social impacts while encouraging collaboration to drive change and to support honest and transparent CSR communication within the industry.”

Equip (Rab&Lowe Alpine)
Here are some of the highlights of Equip’s 2024 Sustainability Report (Rab&Lowe Alpine)
  • We calculated a footprint of 13,093 tons of CO2e in Scopes 1-3, an absolute reduction of 46.2% from our baseline for 2019. This result is due to improvements in the methodology for using primary rather than secondary data, as well as reductions in throughput and efficiencies in fabric volumes.
  • We have produced 723 Material Facts tables, covering 99% of our products, after expanding the scope to include equipment and backpacks.
  • We are on track toeliminate all intentionally added PFAS from our products by AW25.
  • Over 20,000 products have been washed and/or repaired through our Rab service center based in the UK, EU and North America.
  • We were recognized as a Fair Wear Leader brand for the second consecutive year.
  • Our employees have committed to more than 800 volunteer hours in 2023.

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