Faction Skis is a certified B Corp

Faction Skis is a certified B Corp

The Faction Collective is pleased to announce the rewards of its commitment to ethical and transparent production towards workers, consumers, suppliers, communities and the environment: the B Corp certification.

A future-oriented company that intends to meet social and environmental performance standards to the best of its ability with maximum transparency and responsibility: The Faction Collective. The commitment has been recognized through B Corp certification; in fact, the company passed all third-party evaluation criteria regarding its approach to workers, consumers, suppliers, community and the environment by achieving a score of 93.5 and exceeding the required 80 points.

A large part of the score was earned due to Faction’s sustainable production: the company, in fact, produces skis in a factory powered by 100 percent renewable energy, reducing the product’s carbon footprint by nearly 50 percent. In addition, the ski cores are made of sustainable wood, harvested from FSC-accredited partners.

“Faction’s strength lies in the power of The Collective”, says Alex Hoye, Co-Founder and CEO of Faction. “When we come together, we can achieve great things, both through our collective actions and through pressuring for change at the scale that humanity needs right now. Our employees vote for governments focused on climate, lobbies for the environmental and social reform our planet needs and demonstrates peacefully. We’ll always use our brand’s platform to encourage our fans to do the same. As a B Corp we are committed to using business as a force for good, to catalyze change in the outdoor industry & beyond.”

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