Ferrino supports the project “CamminAutismo a Santiago 2022”

Ferrino supports the project “CamminAutismo a Santiago 2022”

Ferrino accompanies the young people of the Mulino Sambuy Association along the final six stages of the Camino de Santiago by providing them with their own hiking backpacks.

Last Monday, September 5, began the adventure of the kids of the Mulino Sambuy Association of San Mauro Torinese on their way to conquer the last six stages of the Camino de Santiago. In fact, the project, called “CamminAutismo a Santiago 2022”, follows the kids, their families and their educators along the final 114 kilometers of the Camino. This is not the first event for Mulino Sambuy, which has long been a promoter of activities with a therapeutic purpose, raising awareness about autism and creating new relationships within the community.

Ferrino, based in the same municipal area, decided to enthusiastically support the initiative by equipping the group with Finisterre backpacks, the brand’s iconic product.

“For us, sports, and all outdoor activities in particular, are first and foremost an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and for building positive relationships with others and the world around us”, commented Anna Ferrino, CEO of Ferrino. “We are particularly happy to give our contribution to an initiative that we believe is particularly valuable because it represents these values well and furthermore was born in the social fabric of our territory. Therefore, I want to wish the young people of Mulino Sambuy, the educators and the families all the best.”

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