Garmin Etrex Solar: Gps with infinite autonomy

Garmin Etrex Solar: Gps ad autonomia infinita

Garmin Etrex Solar: Gps with infinite autonomy

Never run out of power with the new eTrex solar Gps from Garmin

Garmin introduces the first handheld GPS with infinite battery life, wireless connectivity and more to make outdoor adventures connected and limitless.

Garmin’s solar charging technology, first developed and applied to wristwatch products in 2020 and then shared on cycle computers in the Edge series, now arrives on the eTrex, the historic range of portable Gps devices designed for the outdoors.

eTrex Solar, the easy-to-use and intuitive satellite receiver now features a solar charging panel for an improved and prolonged user experience.
The latest version of the proven series allows unlimited autonomy1 for hikers, geocachers and anyone who wants to explore the world.

Marking waypoints, plotting one’s position and finding one’s way back is now even easier thanks to simplified menus and the high-contrast 2.2-inch display, optimised for perfect readability even in bright ambient light.

Garmin Etrex Solar: Gps ad autonomia infinita

Unlimited battery

Thanks to solar charging technology developed by Garmin, eTrex Solar allows you to rely on a high-performance device for even longer without worrying about the battery. You no longer need to plan your outing by considering the availability of charging spots: the sun will take care of it. Solar power technology not only allows you to maintain a good level of autonomy at all times, but can also power a largely discharged battery.

Even without integrated solar charging, the eTrex Solar provides up to 1800 hours in Expedition mode.

Updates with Garmin ExploreTM

When paired via Bluetooth with a compatible smartphone, eTrex Solar is interfaced with the Garmin Explore app to stay connected and access a variety of useful tools for your journey. With Garmin Explore’s cloud availability, you can use unlimited storage space to simplify cataloging, saving and sharing all your mapping and trip data.

The availability of the map on your smartphone makes it easy to plan your trip in advance: drawing up the trip plan, creating routes on the app and finally synchronising them later on the device.

The eTrex Solar allows you to stay connected at all times with smart notifications from social media, call alerts and more. For fans of georeferenced treasure hunting, Geocaching Live is the feature that automatically updates geocaches points, including descriptions, logs and hints. When connected to the app, each search will be uploaded immediately into a saved profile.

Before setting off on a hike, it is crucial to make sure you are aware of and stay up-to-date on the weather conditions you might encounter along the way. For this, eTrex Solar features weather forecasts, so you can know the trend of weather conditions live.

State-of-the-art orientation and precision

Thanks to the high positioning accuracy provided by the multi-band GPS, the eTrex Solar is perfect for navigating and sampling your route even in inaccessible areas. The multi-band support thus provides hikers and trekkers with a unique level of accuracy while minimising the system’s margin of error.

eTrex Solar offers the set of features and functions present in previous versions, such as the digital compass, the indispensable orientation aid for relying on reference points even in the absence of a GPS signal.
This innovative device is also designed to be used in all conditions, thanks to its robust design and IPX7 waterproof rating.

The eTrex Solar handheld GPS is available from today from authorised Garmin retail outlets at the recommended retail price of €279.99.

Garmin Etrex Solar: Gps ad autonomia infinita
Garmin Etrex Solar: Gps ad autonomia infinita
Garmin Etrex Solar: Gps ad autonomia infinita

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