Il gusto di camminare: the collaboration between SCARPA and Slow Food Editore

Il gusto di camminare: the collaboration between SCARPA and Slow Food Editore

The tale of a journey through places and flavors

Il gusto di camminare (The Taste of Walking) is the new book by Slow Food Editore in collaboration with the Italian Alpine Club and the outdoor footwear company SCARPA, dedicated to those who choose to discover our country and its rich gastronomic and naturalistic culture at a slow pace.

Paolo Valoti, head of the Sentiero Italia del Club Alpino project, spoke during the presentation, commenting, “This is the story of the extraordinary research journey of the two authors, Barbara Gizzi and Irene Pellegrini, taken at a slow pace to listen and tell the stories of foods and places with a complex look at food specialties rooted in their land and the creativity of improvisation, simplicity of ingredients and refined flavors, mountain recipes and foods from the sea, and contaminations of cultures and people that make our country unique.”

This book sets against such a hectic and fleeting daily life two gestures characterized by slowness, such as walking and savoring, today almost subversive and unconventional. Rediscovering them, however, will enable us to enhance the small details, to expand the wonder of each moment and restore intensity to life.

The publication of The Taste of Walking, moreover, represents the first concrete manifestation of the partnership between Slow Food and SCARPA, two entities that share common values of promoting sustainable practices, commitment to environmental protection and the pleasure of discovery, and together will build a path of awareness for the conscious traveler. Displacements, migrations, charters, transhumance, mountain passes, but also merchants and traders, breeders and producers, hosts and welcoming hostesses: with The Taste of Walking and with projects to come, Slow Food and SCARPA invite you on a journey to be enjoyed slowly, step by step.

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