Millet Intense – Tested By The Pill

Millet Intense – Tested By The Pill

Millet Intense

By Davide Fioraso

Photo by Chiara Pavan

As a result of its desire to evolve along with the mountains, and to be at the side of the new generations approaching it in a different way today, last spring the Millet brand, which has been helping to write the history of mountaineering for more than a century, unveiled its first trail running shoe. Ideal for short and medium distances, it has the distinction of being entirely produced in France, at the Advanced Shoe Factory 4.0 of the Chamatex group, in a combination of transalpine excellence. With such premises, the curiosity to test Intense was really high. Between late summer and early fall, we took a month to put it to the test on multiple fronts: distances, conditions, terrain. From hilly bottoms to mid-mountain forest trails, to taking advantage of the warm days of early October for the last dolomite “forays.”

Millet Intense Test by The Pill


Use: trail running over short and medium distances, favoring technical terrain.



May 2023

Use: Trail running
260 gr


6 mm

Matryx nylon/kevlar fabric


: Comfort Pro

: Michelin Reactive

The shoe

Intense is a shoe that combines performance and technological innovation for an increasingly modern vision of the outdoors. Among its main qualities we can certainly point out three aspects: lightness, comfort and construction reliability, as we will see in the various technical details listed below. Condensed into 260 grams is a streamlined and “aerodynamic” shape in which the fit is smooth, soft and enveloping. The foot slides easily inside the shoe, finding well-calibrated volumes at the forefoot. Immediately, there is a feeling of comfort, grip and support.


The strong point of this shoe is definitely the upper made of Matryx fabric, a jacquard weave of nylon and Kevlar threads patented by Chamatex itself. This “prestigious” material is able to give an incredible sense of solidity, demonstrating, after each outing, a high resistance to abrasion. At the same time, it offers good stability to the foot and extremely high comfort. The hydrophobic PU sheathing of the thread allows for improved moisture evacuation and accelerates drying; a condition that, at this time of year, we could not properly appreciate. Giving reinforcement to the structure is a fine TPU protection that acts as support. Non-slip laces and an asymmetric, thin, bandaging tongue complete the experience.


In terms of the midsole, perhaps the least attention, we find a 25% recycled EVA foam. This is a medium-density “salt and pepper” compound, tending to be soft, in which the excellent balance between stability and cushioning stands out. An ideal combination for a fast, lightweight shoe like this, it allows you to stay comfortable on any surface, even as the miles go by. Of note are two more substantial EVA inserts positioned at the ends for added impact protection. Cushioning at the heel is soft and extremely effective, even on rougher and rougher terrain, such as rocks and sharp stones, while the forefoot still offers superb flexibility and sensitivity, allowing you to feel the bottom without experiencing discomfort.


At the tread level, we find a Reactive by Michelin sole, an exclusive version that Millet and the French multinational company had already developed in 2020 for the Light Rush model. Made with a durable compound, it is developed to work in synergy with the midsole. It offers stable grip and dynamic, progressive traction that facilitates increased speed. The multidirectional lugs, spaced out and not too prominent, are at their best on alpine slopes and difficult surfaces with gravel and stones. Impeccable tread grip on wet situations with grass and foliage.

What we like

It impressed us with its simple yet “technological” look, determined by balanced shapes that express lightness and dynamism. The materials from which the upper is made, soft to the touch, invite us to wear it.

What we don’t like

The thin TPU collar, especially on a fine ankle, tends to bend and “slap,” creating, in addition to an anti-aesthetic effect, a functional problem that does not prevent stones from entering.

Cushioning 0
Reactivity 0
Stability 0
Flexibility 0
Traction 0


Millet Intense is a shoe that, while bringing with it a very high level of technical baggage, enters this segment with humility. Designed for traditional trail running, it is a very balanced and versatile model with which to run medium distances on any type of terrain, preferring technical bottoms. The combined sole and midsole action offers dynamic traction that facilitates increased speed along trails, although in changes of direction and restarts it is not particularly responsive. Stability in bending and torsion is provided by the special structure inserted in the midsole. A shoe that does not give up anything in terms of comfort and offers a soft support, precise on the forefoot. Overall, a shoe that invites you to maintain high running rhythms, great for brilliant workouts.

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