Test: Mizuno Wave Sky 7


Test: Mizuno Wave Sky 7

Mizuno Wave Sky 7

By Filippo Caon

Photo Elisa Bessega

New mizuno wave sky 7

In July, we tested the new edition of the Mizuno Wave Sky, the Japanese brand’s most cushioned model designed to provide comfort and a floating feel while running.

Mizuno Wave Sky is a protective shoe intended for amateur athletes seeking a cushioned, soft, foot-wrapping feel for daily outings and jogging sessions.


Brand: Mizuno
Model: Wave Sky 7
Launch: summer 2023
Usage: Road, jogging
Weight: 310gr
Price: 190.00
Drop: 8mm
Fit: Medium
Upper: Mesh
Midsole: Mizuno Enerzy Core + Mizuno Enerzy
Usage: Daily training, <3h30′ pace marathon, jogging

The shoe

Protective and comfortable, Wave Sky differs from the Japanese brand’s other models in its high cushioning, which, however, is translated differently from shoes in the same market range but produced by other manufacturers: it is a more sustained and supported cushioning, and not springy or unstable. The structure of the shoe contributes to this effect: the upper part is textured and stiffened by a very supportive heel counter; in addition, the lower profile of the shoe is wide on the forefoot, but narrows on the famice and widens again on the heel, improving the overall feeling of stability. But let’s look at the product in detail.


The upper uses a Mizuno mesh called “Smooth Stretch Woven”: homogeneous on the toe and instep while being a bit more open and breathable on the toe box and toes. Overall, it is a comfortable and protective upper that wraps the foot over the entire length with a padded tongue and a six-hole lacing that welds the shoe well to the collar. Also comfortable and padded are the collar and shell, the latter of which has a rather stiff heel counter that increases the stability of the shoe and makes it suitable even for runners with advanced pronation who tend to buckle at the ankle and knee.


The midsole compartment is formed by the combination of Mizuno Enerzy Core and classic Mizuno Enerzy foams: the former highly cushioned and the latter more stable, carrying forward Mizuno’s ‘Wave’ concept, which originates from, among other things, the vertical overlapping of two foams with different densities and which in this shoe results in a’High cushioning counterbalanced by a firmer base.
The sore point during the run is a somewhat angular effect at the transition between heel and midfoot, where the shoe feels a bit square: the reason probably lies in the geometry of the rocker, that is, the shape of the sole profile, which is quite flat at this point. In fact, the effect fades after a few miles, once the materials have adapted slightly to the shape of the foot and the type of running of the user, making the roll rounder.
We recommend the Wave Sky for runners who want a shoe with a soft running sensation, but capable of supporting them throughout the entire rolling phase without giving in stability-which is what normally happens in very cushioned shoes, which become unstable or give way a lot on runners with uneven footing.


An abundant and very grippy sole, it is made from pieces of rubber arranged horizontally with respect to the sole, with a lot of support surface in the outer back, used in the stance phase, and all over the forefoot to ensure grip even in the take-off phase.

Why we like them

We like that Mizuno has combined a traditionally structured, stable shoe with softer, more cushioned foam, making it accessible even to runners with footing defects.

What we didn’t like

It is a fairly heavy shoe: lightness is not a prerogative of such a protective model, but it would still be possible to gain a few grams.


Mizuno Wave Sky 7 is a stable and cushioned shoe, multipurpose in use and suitable for all runners who weigh more than 75-80kg and who are looking for a product that gives support throughout the rolling phase and manages to maintain its structural characteristics even after many hours of use. We recommend it to recent runners who are looking for an allround shoe to use every day, without worrying about terrain, speed and weather conditions.

Cushioning 0
Reactivity 0
Stability 0
Flexibility 0
Traction 0

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